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Thank You for the invitation to Haapsalu!
To the organizers of Haapsalu Äripäevad 2007, Trival Oy from Finland wants to thank your warmly for the invitation to the Haapsalu Äripäevad 2007!

Last year we were entitled to take part in your cheerful and well-organized event. We were happy to notice how enthusiastic people were about our content management systems, especially about our new product Profiili.

We managed to create several relationships with Estonian entrepreneurs, who were looking for well-functioning solutions to manage their web site.

The big and warm thanks belongs without a doubt to the Haapsalu Äripäevad!
This year 2007 has been extreamly busy for us - that is why Trival Oy is not able to take part to your wonderful exhibion this year.

We do hope though that the Haapsalu Äripäevad will keep us in mind, and inform us next year when the event is current again.

Haapsalu Äripäevad certainly has prooved us its worth as an event organized by true professionals!

Kind regards to our Estonian friends!

See You next Year!

Have a great event once again!

Trival Oy
Riina Mäentausta
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